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At ABC Kids Fitness we believe learning should not be limited to the classroom, but it should be active, engaging, and exciting for kids. Our program makes learning attractive and easy for little minds through sports and fitness. Our fitness program helps children build early gross motor skills that are not only

important for learning sports but also help improve mood, focus, fine motor coordination, and confidence in the classroom.

Active and Engaging


Fun and Safe

Expert Instructors

Variety of Programs

Join the Fun at ABC Kids Fitness

Our programs are designed to make fitness fun for kids of all ages and skill levels. Watch these videos to learn more about how your child can benefit from our programs.

How It Works

What Parents are Saying About ABC Kids Fitness

“My child loves attending ABC Kids Fitness. The instructors are amazing and the programs are both challenging and fun. Highly recommend!”

Jane S.

Why Choose ABC Kids Fitness?

Expert Instructors

Variety of Programs

Safe and Fun Environment

Skill-Building Programs

Try ABC Kids Fitness for Free!

We offer a free trial class for new students. Click here to sign up and see the benefits of our programs for yourself.

ABC Kids Fitness

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